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I had some free time this evening so I hooked the scanner up and started scanning some of the photos I brought back from my mom’s house.  I ended up scanning over 20 photos and one obituary in 90 minutes.  If you go to my College Days post, you’ll notice I inserted one more photo.


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The theme for this Carnival is Carousel.  All genealogy related topics were allowed.  Please head over to Jasia’s Creative Gene Blog for the list. This time there are 39 Submissions! That is amazing and wonderful! Please read each submission and leave a comment so the submitter knows you have read their post and if it inspired you in any way – or just thank them for posting.
I’ve tried to read each submission for the last several posts except the 52nd Edition that posted when I was on vacation. I’m just not that caught up yet! I plan on spending a good chunk of time reading the current Edition!
Thanks, Jasia, for hosting this Carnival! The 54th Edition will be hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue and will be on the topic of The Family Language. Submission deadline will be August 15th so put on your thinking caps and start writing!

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