Archive for August 10th, 2008

I’ve discovered that I might need to write a few posts each day on my statistics as time has a way of getting away from me plus other people use the same computer!

Today I’ve participated in Part B of “Reach Out and Participate in Random Acts of Kindness”.  I’ve joined 5 Blog Networks: Elyse’s Genealogy Blog, 100 Years in America, Gtownma’s Genealogy, Home Town Edition – Kratochvil & Secor” (I also confirmed the author), and Small Leaved Shamrock. I’ve also joined the Friends of the National Archives and Records Administration group.

As part of the “Organize Your Research”, I’ve set up folders on my computer within my Genealogy folder.  These folders are Family Name, Death Records, Newspapers, Maps, Military Files, and Miscellaneous Photos.  I’ve distributed 163 digital files into those new folders which will help me find my information faster.  I will not be counting those as part of the organization until I’ve added the descriptions, authors, and other metadata that is required.  Will post when I’ve done that.

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