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Found in my grandfather’s postcard collection.  Scene of “La Porte Rivotte” in Besancon, France.


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As I was re-reading my post on Presidents In Her Lifetime I discovered that I needed to make a correction. Instead of 4 “war” time Presidents in my life there have been more. Let’s look: Kennedy, Johnson & Nixon – Viet Nam war; George H.W. Bush – Gulf War (1st); George W. Bush (War on Terrorism) – not to mention that Ford, Carter and Reagan were also “Cold” war presidents.  Carter also had to deal with the Iranian Hostage Crisis.  Clinton had peace keeping troops in places such as Central Europe and was hunting Bid Laden even back then due to the first attack on the WTC.

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Vesta Johnson at Tomb of Unknown Soldier
(photographed by Glen R. Johnson)
Original photo owned by Wendy Littrell (Address for Private Use)

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