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Already been pretty busy this morning.  The tasks I’ve completed this morning include:

Write! Write! Write!
Task A.  Write a summary of what your blog is about and post it on your blog – you may not have done this since you started the blog and it is a great way to have new readers learn more about your site.

The Post Below is my submission for that task.  I also added a New Page to my blog.

Reach Out and Perform Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness
A. Comment on a new (to you) genealogy blog.

I just started reading Rainy Day Genealogy Readings the first day of the competition but today was the first day I posted a comment.

B. Join another Genea-blogger’s blog network on Facebook Blog Networks.

Yesterday (as I posted in Day Two), I joined these  5 Blog Networks: Elyse’s Genealogy Blog, 100 Years in America, Gtownma’s Genealogy, Home Town Edition – Kratochvil & Secor” (I also confirmed the author), and Small Leaved Shamrock.

C. Invite another genealogist to join Facebook.

I sent an email to Jeanna from Roots Reading inviting her to join Facebook. (I’ve also sent invites to about 3 other bloggers on the Genea-Bloggers group to join my blog network.)

On Friday evening I completed a task for Organize Your Research. 
D. Organize at least 20 digital photos into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.

This was probably the easiest as the first photos that popped up on my ACDSee program were from my vacation in July.  They were already in the correct folder, the metadata was added automatically when I uploaded them.  I went through and labeled all of them with date the picture was taken, where it was taken, the people in the photo and how they were related, what ocassion it was, and other “fun” and historical information.  I also included the name of the photographer.

So my tallies so far:
Gold Medal in Reach Out and Peform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
Bronze Medal in Write! Write! Write! (I will be working on B. C. & D. of this event as well and hope to finish with a Diamond Medal.)
Bronze Medal in Organize Your Research (I will be working on B. E. & F. of this event and hope to finish with a Diamond Medal.)

The only category that I have not started working on is Cite Your Sources.  I have saved the information from John Wiley’s “How to Cite Your Sources” and hope to begin doing this soon. I would love to be able to cite 50 sources and achieve Platinum Medal status!

I didn’t list that I would compete in the Back Up Your Data challenge.  However I have a brand new flash drive that is just begging for data to be added to it!  Since I did not list this as a goal I would work on, I’m not sure if I would be “disqualifying” myself by competing in this category.  No matter what – I do need to back up my data a lot more than I do now!

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I’ve discovered that I might need to write a few posts each day on my statistics as time has a way of getting away from me plus other people use the same computer!

Today I’ve participated in Part B of “Reach Out and Participate in Random Acts of Kindness”.  I’ve joined 5 Blog Networks: Elyse’s Genealogy Blog, 100 Years in America, Gtownma’s Genealogy, Home Town Edition – Kratochvil & Secor” (I also confirmed the author), and Small Leaved Shamrock. I’ve also joined the Friends of the National Archives and Records Administration group.

As part of the “Organize Your Research”, I’ve set up folders on my computer within my Genealogy folder.  These folders are Family Name, Death Records, Newspapers, Maps, Military Files, and Miscellaneous Photos.  I’ve distributed 163 digital files into those new folders which will help me find my information faster.  I will not be counting those as part of the organization until I’ve added the descriptions, authors, and other metadata that is required.  Will post when I’ve done that.

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I wanted to share the goals I have in my family history search and be able to report on each item once I’ve actually accomplished it.

  1. Enter all “loose” data into my Family Tree Maker program.  I have lots of newspaper clippings, genealogical letters and other documents that need to be organized and transcribed.
  2. Scan all the old photos, slides, documents, and letters in my possession. 
  3. Copy said scans on a flash drive or CD and keep separately from my other items (just in case!)
  4. File and organize all the genealogy files I have so I can find things quicker.
  5. Realize what I can keep and what I can’t keep and purge as needed (are those old printouts more up to date then when I printed them 10 years ago?).
  6. Check sources for accuracy.

Mainly I need to get more organized this year.  What are your genealogy goals?  Perhaps visit cemeteries, court houses, the Local Family History Center or Library, go on a genealogy “tour”, go through all the old photo albums, take down some oral histories? 

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