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More Blogs to Visit

Thanks to the genea-blogger meme that was started a few days ago as well as the “Dare to Comment” Challenge, I’ve had comments from some genea-bloggers that are new to me!  I’m adding them (and some others that I have failed to add before now!) to my blogroll over on the right and I urge you to go visit their blogs if you haven’t already!

I’ll be adding:

  1. Genealogy Traces written by Judy Shubert
  2. Heritage Happens written by Mysteri
  3. Apple’s Tree written by Apple
  4. DearMYRTLE’s Genealogy Blog written by DearMYRTLE
  5. The Educated Genealogist written by Sheri Fenley
  6. Sandusky History written by the Sandusky (Ohio) Library
  7. Jessica’s Genejournal written by Jessica Oswalt
  8. Elyse’s Genealogy Blog written by Elyse Doerflinger

What new blogs have you stumbled across recently?


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Backed Up

I have now backed up my blog to the mirror site, All My Branches (Mirror Site). I hope to be able to do back-ups on the first day of each month so that way I won’t lose anything! The link will also be over on the left!

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New Genealogy Blog!

Welcome to “All My Branches” – my blog on genealogy.  If you happened to stumble upon this new blog by accident and are looking for just the “daily routine” of Hello . . . Is This Thing On?  You’ve come to the wrong blog!  You need to go to http://wendylittrell.tripod.com/helloisthisthingon . 

I will be updating as often as I come across new genealogy stuff – technology, websites, info on my family history, other genealogy blogs, etc.

I also have a genealogy website where you can check out more information:  http://wendylittrell.tripod.com/allmybranches.html

See ya in the “gencircles”!

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