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Many of you have been following the Genea-Blogger Group Games during the last couple weeks and the closing ceremonies were yesterday.  Thomas MacEntee from Destination: Austin Family hosted the ceremonies. Please go to Closing Ceremonies to see all the flags of the participants and the medals won.

Here are the awards I received:

Cite Sources – Platinum

Organize Your Research – Gold

Write! Write! Write! – Diamond

Genealogical Acts of Kindness – Diamond

I want to congratulate all of the participants on – not only acquiring a medal or two (or three or four or . . . ) – but on getting a little more organized.  We are such a great team!  Go Team GBG!

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(Written on Thursday, August 14th)

This morning, using John Wiley’s “How to Cite Sources” , I completed 68 source citations.  Actually it was easier than I thought.  I started with my grandchildren, then my children, my husband and myself, and on up the family tree.  I included citations on birth, baptisms, confirmations, graduations, marriages, occupations, associations, and residences.  So I’ve finished with a Platinum Medal in “Cite Your Sources” (Category 1).

Under Category 4 “Write! Write! Write! I’ve completed 4 tasks as of yesterday and achieved Gold Medal status.  I’m still working on D. Write a brief biographical sketch of one of your ancestors.

I hope to have more organization under Category 3 completed today.

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One of the challenges of the Genea-Blogger Group Games under “Write! Write! Write!” is to Write a summary of what your blog is about and post it on your blog – you may not have done this since you started the blog and it is a great way to have new readers learn more about your site. So this is my summary and the reason I chose the name “All My Branches” for my genealogy blog.

1. The first reason is because it’s not a “one-name” blog.  I am ressearching at least a dozen family names in my ancestry.

2. Unlike my husband who thinks all family trees should look triangular instead of rectangular (see Family Stats – Updated May 6 2008,) I also want to add children, grandchildren and in-laws to other family members.

3. My genealogy web site is titled All My Branches.

Through the web site listed above, I have been in contact with dozens of “cousins” that I either have never actually met in person, have not seen since I was a young child, or didn’t even know existed!  I’ve also met via my genealogy research people who had met my grandparents and even shared some photos of them.  One son of my dad’s uncle had so many children that in the beginning, I knew that I would never be able to track any of them down.  Not only have I done that but I’ve received emails, letters and phone calls from sons and grandchildren of the man and a son of my great-uncle who wanted to give me some good information.

It’s been a long journey that sees no end to the road – and for that I am grateful. For the end would mean no more mystery, puzzles to solve, news to find, sources to document, or “cousins” to discover.

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