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Eva Albrecht is my 6th great-grandmother. She was born about 1718 in Virginia and married Daniel Stover before 1740. The children born to this marriage were: Catherine, Samuel, Daniel, David (who I am descended from), and Magdalina.

(I do not have documentation to support this information – on my to do list!)

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Every once in awhile I like to see what search terms are bringing people to my blog. Recent search terms include:

  • “blazer” ohio family all my branches – this appears as if someone was trying to find my website and what information I have about the Blazer family in Ohio.
  • scrapbook love story
  • “blazer” ohio family history – again, this appears as if someone was looking for this website.
  • autumn on my mind – reminds me of a song lyric!
  • orphan train riders – I do have information about some of my distant Goul cousins who took in some brothers from the Orphan Train.
  • where does my name rank – many people end up here based on that search term!
  • chest treasure – not sure I want to know what they were really looking for!
  • list of lindsay lohan’s body switching movies – seriously? Lindsay Lohan? I made a reference once to “Freaky Friday” but . . . you mean, she’s done more than one body switching movie? “Parent Trap” doesn’t count – she played twins – wow, let’s see how many more people end up on this blog because of this paragraph!
  • you might be a genealogist if… – you enter those search terms and end up here!
  • chase noonan – must be looking for him in particular
  • martha clawson – and looking for her in particular!
  • branches of disneyland – they must have been very confused when they landed on this blog!
  • amore brittigan wertz – really? And they didn’t leave a comment or send me an email? Who was looking for these families? If it’s you – please contact me – at least let me know who you are!
  • children dress-up as grandma national geographic – I don’t want to know
(Free Question Mark clip art image from clipartheaven.com)

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For Christmas last year my wonderful husband gave me a Kindle Fire which I have put to very good use!  I knew that I could access the web, play games and read books on it but little did I realize that there were some pretty good apps as well.

One of those was Ancestry – I have synced the Fire so all of the trees that I’ve uploaded to Ancestry are visible. Another app that took awhile for it to be available was for WordPress. Since this blog is on that platform, I can now blog “on the go” or from the comfort of the couch! 

During RootsTech 2012 earlier this year, I attended some of the live streaming sessions, scanned Twitter, and read blogs from those who attended in person. Several made reference to a program called Evernote. I had to check it out, and boy, am I sure glad I did!  I have it on my Kindle Fire and my desktop so I can “share” files on both.

Another app that I have gotten a lot of use out of is Adobe. I can email genealogy reports, biographies, and downloaded google books to my Kindle email address and then open in Adobe as a .pdf file. Wow! It’s available for me to read at any time at any place. 

Yesterday, I noticed a new app for another social media site that’s gained more and more in popularity – Pinterest! Yes, you read that right so if you have not grabbed that app yet – go do so! I was able to access Pinterest via the web on Kindle but it just didn’t “flow” in a readable manner. With the app installed, the website looks just like it does on my desktop! If I find a photo of a place my relatives, family or ancestors lived, I can “pin” it instead of trying to remember to do it from the desktop at a later time.

I hope Familysearch comes out with an App for the Kindle Fire too!  Especially to transcribe records! 

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Yes, it was 4 years ago that I began this blog! Thanks to all of you – my faithful readers – and the geneablogging world for making this possible!

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Who Are They?

The three people – wife, husband, son – in the picture above are unknown to me.  They visited our home outside of Dayton in the mid-60s. I don’t even know if they are related to us (probably on my mom’s side) or someone they knew from my dad’s time in the Air Force.  I’m posting it here in case someone happens to run across it and knows who they are.  Unfortunately, NO ONE listed any information on the back!

(Photo taken by Gene Amore; original photo in possession of Wendy J. Littrell)

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Looking for What?

Some of my fellow geneabloggers (Becky at kinexxions and Randy at Genea-Musings) have posted an analysis of their blog traffic (or how do people get to their blogs and what are they looking for). Since I didn’t tear up the blogging world last year with tons of posts, I figure it won’t be difficult to analyze my traffic.

Since January 5, 2010, most people have found my blog via a search engine -355 to be exact, with 238 coming from Google; 87 from Google Image; 11 from Yahoo; 11 from Bing; 2 from search.comcast.net; 2 from Google Mobile; and 1 each from Ask, earthlink, isearch, and dogpile.  There were 68 views through Geneabloggers; 62 from Google Reader; 42 from Facebook; 42 from WordPress; 17 from the WordPress dashboard; and several from other geneablogs; and genealogy websites.

The average page view in 2011 was 16 compared with 20 in 2010, 28 in 2009, and 34 in 2008. My guess is due to the fact that I didn’t write consistently in 2011 and my blog was removed from several “have to read daily” lists. Hoping to change that this year!

The Top 10 posts that readers landed on in 2011 in ascending order:

#10: You Might Be a Genealogist If . . . – 93 views
#9: What a Bunch of Hooey – 103 views
#8: Remembering Sharon Amore Brittigan – 108 Views
About (this is my about page) – 121 views
Cousin to James Madison – 176 views
Letters From Germany – Part 1 – 178 views
Membership Lists – Part I – 182 views
Surnames – 188 views
How Does Your Name Rank – 329 views
Home Page – 2,386 views (which would be expected that the Home Page gets the most views)

The search terms used that brought folks to my blog include: disneyland branches, rank my name, wordpress genealogy, where does my name rank, american legion logo, letters, bunch of hooey, branches of disneyland, a bunch of hooey, nancy caylor stern (wow! someone looking for my 2nd great-grandmother!), letter to grandparents, and eastern star. Guess that explains which posts got top billing!  Terms used to search for one of my ancestors: Joseph Miller/Katherine Botafield, wilt genealogy, baker amore reunion, nancy caylor, shively, “blazer” family history ohio, wilt ancestry, Sharon Amore Brittigan, Humphrey Madison (this does not include all the searches for genealogy of President James Madison), Elias Caylor, “Sharon Amore”, “James W House” Ohio and more.

Top Clicks in the past year (these are web sites that were in a post that were clicked on): Baby Names and Genea-Musings (glad I could send Randy some traffic!).

WordPress has a terrific statistics page (which I will allow to be seen publicly – 2011 Annual Report) that showed me most of this information – the numbers I had to get from the regular stat page.  Most of the visitors to my blog were from the United States, Canada and the UK.

The post that received the most comments in 2011 was A Sad Anniversary about the loss of my grandmother in 1984.

So for all of my faithful readers – I will do my best to write more in 2012 and visit (& leave comments) on more genea-blogs!

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Unfortunately today’s date has absolutely no significance for any of my ancestors or family members!  My next step was to check to see if I received a piece of genealogical information via email on this date – nada!  So I went straight to the “On This Day” website! 

Some pertinent genealogy information:

On January 4, 1896 Utah became the 45th State.  For those still living in a cave somewhere, Utah is the headquarters of the Church of Latter Day Saints and the largest Family History Center in the United States. Many genealogists and others just trying to find ancestral information make a pilgrimage to Salt Lake City and the FHC.

January 4, 1974 was the day that President Nixon refused to hand over to the Senate Watergate Committee tape recordings and other documents.  This event played a big part in my life because I remember watching the hearings on television most of the summer and was at church camp listening on radio the night in August when the President resigned from office.

Anyone else have an extraordinary event that happened On This Day?

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