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There were several deaths that occurred within my extended and distant family in 2010.  People I knew and loved really well and others that I had never met but had been important to one of my parents.

Daniel J. Dalton
Danny was my cousin by marriage. I was not quite four when he and my first cousin married and honored me by having me serve as their flower girl.  Most of my life, Danny always made me feel as if we were blood relatives. He was so kind and gentle – that was just who he was.  Before their own child was born, he and my cousin would have me over for the weekend.  My cousin lost the love of her life, their daughter lost her devoted dad, the whole family lost a cherished family member and friend, and the grandkids lost their beloved Poppy on June 27, 2010.

Marie E. (Amore) Quirk
My Aunt Marie (whom I’ve posted about before) turned 101 on May 21.  Four months later she passed away – on September 3.  She was my dad’s older sister and the third child and second girl born to my grandparents.  Marie was born in Roscoe, Coshocton County, Ohio and after high school she went to the Salvation Army College in New York.  Marie married and had a daughter.  Many years later she married again.  Her entire life was devoted to her family, the Salvation Army and the Lord.  As a child, I always looked forward to seeing Aunt Marie – whether it was at a reunion, a visit to our house, or when we visited her in Philadelphia.  She entertained the little ones with puppet shows.  The last time I saw her, I was about 10 but as an adult when I began my journey into family history, she was the first person I re-connected with and who sent me quite a bit of information.  For a short time she would call and talk to me or use her computer class to email me.  I truly treasured such a special woman. 

Norma I. (Henderson) Shackelford
Norma was my cousin by marriage.  She married my first cousin’s son.  I hadn’t seen her since I was about 7 or 8 but when my cousin (her husband) and I began corresponding about 10 years ago, he would always keep me in the loop as to what she was up to.  After my Aunt Marie passed away, I was doing a google search for their address and ran across Norma’s obituary.  I was very saddened to hear of her death.

Evelyn Joan (Korns) Amore
Joan was the wife of my first cousin once removed.  I only knew her through email correspondence.  She passed away on December 27 and left behind five children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Loretta Jean (Jennings) Ruble
She was my 2nd cousin once removed and someone I had never met. She was born in Coshocton. She married her husband, Dale, in Kentucky in 1947 and died on May 18.

May they all be remembered by their closest friends, family members and loved ones.


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