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Unfortunately today’s date has absolutely no significance for any of my ancestors or family members!  My next step was to check to see if I received a piece of genealogical information via email on this date – nada!  So I went straight to the “On This Day” website! 

Some pertinent genealogy information:

On January 4, 1896 Utah became the 45th State.  For those still living in a cave somewhere, Utah is the headquarters of the Church of Latter Day Saints and the largest Family History Center in the United States. Many genealogists and others just trying to find ancestral information make a pilgrimage to Salt Lake City and the FHC.

January 4, 1974 was the day that President Nixon refused to hand over to the Senate Watergate Committee tape recordings and other documents.  This event played a big part in my life because I remember watching the hearings on television most of the summer and was at church camp listening on radio the night in August when the President resigned from office.

Anyone else have an extraordinary event that happened On This Day?

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