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Say what?  So what is with the First Cousin “once removed”?  What is a “cross” cousin?  A “parallel” cousin?  Now my grandmother used to call her step-siblings – which were also her first cousins, “Double” cousins, but I’ve since learned that is an incorrect term.  Double Cousins are those children whose parents are married to siblings.  If two sisters marry two brothers – then the children are “double” cousins because they share the same grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.  So I guess you could coin a new term and say my grandmother and her step-siblings/1st cousins were “Half Double” cousins.  No, probably not!

For more information on what determines a cross cousin, a parallel cousin, etc. please go to Cousin Calculator for more information!

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Please go to Destination: Austin Family to read the 51st Carnival of Genealogy post. This Carnival was hosted by Thomas MacEntee. Thanks, Thomas! The Carnival was a tribute to Independence Day with the topic: “Independent Spirit. There are so many great posts about men and women who took a different path than others. They set out on their own and did things their way even when others said “it won’t work” or “are you crazy?

I urge everyone to read all the entries and please leave a comment on those you visit!  As a recent contributor to the Carnivals, it really helps to know what people are thinking when they read the posts and lets me put a (blog) face with a name!  Remember if you leave a comment on my blog, I will include you (if I haven’t already) in my Genealogy Links or Genealogy Blogs link in the hopes that you might get more visitors coming to your site. 

Once again, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my contribution to the 51st CoG – Independent From Birth about my great-aunt, Eva Johnson.

Happy Fourth of July!

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