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Marital Longevity

In an earlier post, I wrote about How Many Times Have They Been Married.  This post will list some of the lengthy marriages I’ve discovered in my family tree.


  • Glen Johnson and Vesta Wilt – 67 years
  • Lloyd Amore and Ella House – 43 years.

Uncles and Aunts

  • Glen Johnson Jr. and Mary Van Tuyl – 61 years
  • Gail Amore and Margaret White – 40 years
  • Paul Amore and Dorothy (unknown) – about 50 years
  • Norman Amore and Mae Miller – 54 years
  • Bervil Amore and Eva Swigert – 45 years

First Cousins – since these couples are still living I will just list the years:

  • 57 years
  • 46 years
  • 45 years
  • 50 years
  • 43 years
  • 45 years
  • 26 years

My Great-Grandparents

  • John Johnson and Katie Blazer – 46 years
  • Henry Amore and Annie Werts – 62 years
  • James House and Frances Ogan – 42 years

Several of my great-aunts and great-uncles also had marriages that endured for a long time.  So even though there are quite a few couples whose marriages didn’t work for one reason or another, or they endured the death of a spouse, there are many examples of marital longevity in my family. 

Have you gone through your family tree and ancestors and discovered lengthy marriages or someone who has been married several times (for one reason or another)? 


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1000 Hits!

Very soon I’ll have 1000 hits!  As Sally Field said eons ago – “You Like Me!  You Really Like Me!”  I hope all of you have found at least one little tidbit here to help you or encourage you in your research.  Thank you all of my loyal readers and for all the brand new readers out there!  Just remember whenever you leave a comment, I do my best to go to your blog or website.  I hope to add to my Genealogy Links soon with many more of your blogs and websites!  And I will do my best to continue to add, enlighten, and bring something to the genealogy community through my posts!

Again – thank you!

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