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Unusual Photos

While combing through a treasure trove of photos, did you come across some pictures that seem odd or unusual?  Or possibly many pictures through the years of some odd tradition your family has?  As mentioned in my post Stop and Smell the Flowers my dad took a lot of pictures of flowers.  My grandfather took a lot of pictures of men in his service unit and barracks that he lived in.  Those in themselves don’t seem so odd – however – the one thing my family thinks is quite amusing is to take pictures of other people taking pictures!  Whenever we are all together, someone always tries to get a shot of someone else with their camera.  It has become one of those odd “traditions” that we are still following and it has even trickled down to my children!  At one family gathering a year ago someone took a picture of two people taking pictures of each other – that is how silly we get.  So in honor of our weird “Photos of Photographers”, I thought I’d share.



What do your photos depict?  Do you have a relative who takes pictures of houses?  People’s feet?  Street Signs?  Weather?  Have you wondered how certain photography traditions started? 


1. Dad taking a picture of a statuette
2. Dad taking a picture of my cousin and me
3. Dad taking a picture of his sunglasses on the table (I do have the picture of the sunglasses, too!)
4. I took a picture of two of my girls taking a picture of each other!

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