Archive for June 5th, 2008

I wanted to share the goals I have in my family history search and be able to report on each item once I’ve actually accomplished it.

  1. Enter all “loose” data into my Family Tree Maker program.  I have lots of newspaper clippings, genealogical letters and other documents that need to be organized and transcribed.
  2. Scan all the old photos, slides, documents, and letters in my possession. 
  3. Copy said scans on a flash drive or CD and keep separately from my other items (just in case!)
  4. File and organize all the genealogy files I have so I can find things quicker.
  5. Realize what I can keep and what I can’t keep and purge as needed (are those old printouts more up to date then when I printed them 10 years ago?).
  6. Check sources for accuracy.

Mainly I need to get more organized this year.  What are your genealogy goals?  Perhaps visit cemeteries, court houses, the Local Family History Center or Library, go on a genealogy “tour”, go through all the old photo albums, take down some oral histories? 

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