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If I haven’t mentioned it here before, then I will now. I’m an avid scrapbooker!  I even have my own custom designed scrapbook business (Nana’s Novelties).  I’d give your the url link but my site looks pretty pitiful & I really need to revamp it (which means finding the time!)  Anyway – one reason I decided to get into the scrap for hire business is to preserve history for generations.  That’s my tag line “Preservation for Generations”.  Anyway, as I have been working on a project (won’t say what just now – wait another month!) – I’ve realized that my mind just isn’t what it used to be.  Trying to remember details about certain activities and events is like trying to find a small piece of glass in a pile of mud.  Everything is murky and not quite clear.  I’ve even gone back through emails I sent to people looking for details I might have written about – not many. 

My idea has more to do with journaling history as it happens.  I don’t keep a “journal” or diary.  I suspect it’s because:

  1. I really don’t have the time
  2. I figure I say enough in emails to other people (I keep the sent copy)
  3. By the time I get to putting down the details, it’s already too late

So I thought, what about just listing major points in a word processing format?  Yesterday was my grandson’s birthday and I want to list details of the day, what happened when, what he said, what we ate for dinner, what type of cake, etc.  I want to do that when special holidays or events happen as well.  What we thought about it, where we went, etc.

What this boils down to in relation to genealogy is someday your descendents are going to research you!  They will find the vital information – where and when you were born, where and when you married, your children, probably where you lived and how you earned a living.  They won’t know how you felt on 9-11 or how depressed you were when someone you loved died.  They – just as we do now – will be left to guess about all of that. 

I’m hoping by scrapbooking not only the special moments of my family’s life – but the day to day (sometimes humdrum) life, not only will my descendents have a better picture of the whole person but someday when my memory really does fail me in big ways, then I can look at the pictures and read the stories and have all of those memories come back to life.

How do you journal for history?  Leave me a comment with your ideas – or blog about it and send me the link.

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