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Each day I check my blog stats to see how many views my blog has had as well as the way folks found me.  I thought it would be interesting to post the statistics for my blog.

Busiest Day: Sep. 2 with 156 hits

People have found me by using these search terms:

  • branches in genealogy
  • great great aunt
  • friday september 5th television
  • games geography facebook
  • double cousins
  • chase thomas noonan
  • television
  • “brown county, ohio” germans
  • first name last name in u.s patterns
  • who is my neice? geniology
  • charles house son of james house marriag
  • christening gown storage box
  • freaky friday soundtrack blog
  • basketball traits

Posts that have received the most traffic include:

  • About Page (114 views)
  • Unusual Photos (96 views)
  • Surname Page (93 views)

My most active posts include:

  • Disecting Obituaries (45 view)
  • To Share, Show & Explain – Carnival of Genealogy 54th Edition (39 views)
  • The Case of Chase – 33 views

Regular Stats

  • 4 pages
  • 134 posts
  • 23 categories
  • 257 tags

Who Is Referring Me?

These were in the last day or two.  I’ve received many people finding me through many of my fellow genea-bloggers.

So my question – how do you find me?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I want to make sure to visit your blog or web site!

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Yes, I’ve felt like I’ve taken a long commercial break!  This week started out busy – last week!  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to be coherent enough to form any sort of thoughts to write about.  I will return to posting (have I got a LOT to tell you!) soon.

I do want to thank Randy Seaver – I think he’s my new BFF!  Randy’s Best of the Genea-Blogs Week of August 24th on his blog, Gene-Musings included not one but TWO of my posts from last week! He mentioned my Freaky Friday 4th Edition post from last week and my post on Dissecting Obituaries. As a result, I received many visitors yesterday – over 110! Thank you again, Randy! I hope I can reciprocate the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness!

I also received 4 comments yesterday regarding my previous posting about my great-grandmother’s, nephew, Chase T. Noonan (The Case of Chase). Turns out Chase’s daughter, Ruth, ended up getting married and having a daughter! My new-found cousin contacted me, and I am hoping to correspond more with her soon. She hadn’t seen any of the photos I had, so I want to share everything I have learned with her.

And now back to your regular scheduled programming . . .

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For a Picnic!

Bill at West in New England has posted WELCOME TO THE PICNIC!. There are 20 different posts and they all have some very interesting (sometimes amusing) information! I urge you to go check out the stories!

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The theme for this Carnival is Carousel.  All genealogy related topics were allowed.  Please head over to Jasia’s Creative Gene Blog for the list. This time there are 39 Submissions! That is amazing and wonderful! Please read each submission and leave a comment so the submitter knows you have read their post and if it inspired you in any way – or just thank them for posting.
I’ve tried to read each submission for the last several posts except the 52nd Edition that posted when I was on vacation. I’m just not that caught up yet! I plan on spending a good chunk of time reading the current Edition!
Thanks, Jasia, for hosting this Carnival! The 54th Edition will be hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue and will be on the topic of The Family Language. Submission deadline will be August 15th so put on your thinking caps and start writing!

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I’ve finally been able to catch up (somewhat!) on genealogy blogs since I’ve been gone.  Imagine my surprise and delight to see that my post Traditions was given a nod by Randy Seaver in his Best of Genea-Blogs July 13-19, 2008! Thank you, Randy! And thanks to everyone who clicked on my post from Randy’s site! Please let me know if you read my post on “Traditions”. Jasia, at Creative Gene left a comment that she had thought about using that Theme for a future Carnival of Genealogy. What do you think? I think it’s a great idea!

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No Posts For Awhile

I don’t want anyone to leave me but wanted to announce that for the next two weeks, I won’t be able to post any new information.  I have some family obligations that will keep me from being on the computer.  I’ve already posted my entry for the next Carnival of Genealogy. 

Please go check out some of the links I have to the right or within my many posts.  There are many great genealogy blogs that have tons of information – I hope you’ll enjoy yourself!

While I’m away from the computer, leave me some comments on posts you would like to see or blogs you’ve read and enjoy.

Please come back now, you hear!

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